The Kite


{Kite}: prison parlance for messages

We facilitate storytelling classes behind bars and give platform to our students’ voices by hosting open-mics and publishing their work in a zine.


Current Programs


THE KITE @ City College

Munchie, Joel and Gigi spoke at City College about writing, incarceration and healing through the arts.


Three weekly Adolescent classes for youth in horizons Juvenile Facility in the bronx

This writing and mentorship program introduces young men to the various forms of narrative writing and exposes them to powerful mentors in the city while promoting literacy and healing through storytelling.

Weekly Storytelling Workshops with Adult Women on Rikers Island

This class is in its fourth run and has been attributed as a healing workshop for women where they can safely talk about what they’ve been through and receive feedback on their writing before sharing with larger audiences in an open-mic and published zine.

Four Young Adult Men’s Class ON Rikers Island

In these workshops, the young adult men (18-22) work on longer essays and poems in addition to participating in college prep and job readiness courses.

**New** Two weekly Adolescent classes for youth in crossroads juvenile facility in brooklyn

This writing and mentorship program introduces youth to the various forms of narrative writing and exposes them to powerful mentors in the city while promoting literacy and healing through storytelling.

After-Care Program

We meet with formerly incarcerated students weekly to build narratives, visit colleges, and develop goals. Thanks to the Cowan Slavin Foundation we are able to do a summer Field Program where we we’ll be exposing students to the various careers available to them. Student-by-student, we are forging the prison-to-school pipeline.


Writing is freedom…

“We write to contemplate on what we’ve been through because it sharpens focus on where we’d like to go.”—-Gigi Blanchard, ED

There is healing in sharing our stories. We strive to create a safe space on the inside where students can open up about the painful things that are often bottled up until they explode. Listening is a significant part of our job.

Our re-entry efforts include a networking behind bars series where we bring professionals to talk to students about how they broke into their fields. Mentorships created behind bars continue once the students return to the community.


1K +

Over 1K books donated

With the community’s help, we’ve brought hundreds of novels, memoirs, YA, poetry and self-help books to our people on lockdown.



300 + Journals Donated

The average commissary sells notebooks for triple the price. All students receive a journal so that they can use their $ to buy sustenance for the body while we provide sustenance for the mind.



New York’s Daily Jail Pop

Combined with hundreds more youth in the various detention centers. We have a lot of work to do!


Involved in the justice system?


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We would love to hear your stories whether you’ve been incarcerated, worked in the system or are related to someone involved. Send work to or mail to P.O. BOX 210325 Brooklyn, NY 11221.


Are you a musician, DJ, MC, Storyteller or spoken word artist? We invite pros to perform along side our student and to attend classes throughout the critique process. Hit us up!


October 2017

In jail, people like to use your past against you but there’s healing power in sharing our truths. Nobody can use what I went through as a weapon now. -T.S. on Rikers Island



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